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Patrizia Bambini was born in Umbria(Italy).

She attended the Accademia of Belle Arti in Perugia where she was a pupil of Gerardo Dottori for painting and of Padre Diego Donati for graphics.

In 1969 and 1970 she worked with Maestro Mancini, restorer for the Umbrian National Gallery, in his restoration workshop.

In 1972 she moved to the Veneto where she now lives and works, dividing her time between Castelfranco Veneto and Venice.

From 1980 to 1984 she attended “La scuola libera del nudo” in Venice under the guidance of M. Basaglia and M. Zarotti. In this period she began her collaboration with the International Centre for Graphics where she met Nicola Seme and taught “Collage as Matrix” in the International School of Graphics. She organised and assisted in courses of water painting with M. Riccardo Licata and Miro Romagna, painting with Ennio Finzi and Gino Morandis, frescos with Paolo Scarpa and drawning with Rainer Mordmüller until 1992, in which year she left the school and took part in the founding of “Atelier Aperto” with Nicola Sene.

At the same time she held an exhibition of her paintings at the Academic Theatre in Castelfranco Veneto with a catalogue edited by Marco Goldin (1986), in Perugia in the “Cecchini” Gallery and, in 1988, in Spoleto on the occasion of the 32nd festival.

At the end of the same year she exhibited in the “Galleria Segno Grafico”, where she presented a folder entitled “Paesaggi” which contained 4 lithographs and a text by Enzo Di Martino.

In March 1992 she went to Rome for her exhibition on nature, invited by the International Association of Engravers, where she held a seminar dedicated to the technique of “Collage as Matrix”. She was also exihibiting her graphic work at the “Coffee Notegen” at same time.

Again in 1992, she contributed with one of her art books and a show of her graphic work to the theme “Per Venezia”, invited by the Engraver’s Club “Venezia Viva”. In addition she held exhibitions at the “Venezia Viva” Gallery and in Castelfranco Veneto at the “Flavio Stocco” Gallery on the theme “Fogli Moltiplicati” with a text by Luciana Boccardi.

She also published the art book “Rialto” with poems by R. M. Rilke with the Venice International Centre for Graphics.

In 1995 she was in Milan at the “Aleph” Gallery with a new series of paintings on canvassed paper entitled “L’Eden, da Rousseau al 2000” with a text by Gina Avogadro, and with the same works she exhibited at Piacenza at the “Athenienne” Cultural Circle and at Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Resana in the province of Treviso.

With her graphic works she has exhibited in various joint exhibitions with “Atelier Aperto”: at the “Civic” Gallery, Bolzano; in Pieve di Soligo with the exhibition “Arte in piatto”; at the Bra’ Gallery, Verona; and in Pavia at the “Theodote” Gallery with the artists Brombo, Salvo and Sene. Again she was in Pavia in a joint exhibition at the “Cairoli” College and then in Carignano, province of Torino, at the “Spazio 9” Gallery. She was present in a joint exhibition with “Atelier Aperto” in “Arte in piatto” in Cortina d’Ampezzo at “Spazio Cultura” direct by Milena Milani, where she was later to be invited to show her paintings in November 1996 and Junuary-February 1998 in an exhibition entitled “Assemblaggi” with a presentation by Milena Milani.

In the month of November 1997 she was in Treviso, invited by the “Banca Popolare di Asolo e Montebelluna” with some of her paintings and a catalogue edited by M. Marcello Colusso.

She held numerous joint exhibitions with “Atelier Aperto” in 1996: at the “SAGA X” Salon d’Exposition de la Gravur,Paris; at the Centro Culturale “Riva Sinistra Arte” Florence; at the “Maison Pour Tous” Ville d’Avray, Paris; at the “Spazio Arte Pisanello” Centro Toniolo, Verona. In April 1998 she held a personal exhibition of graphics entitled “Assemblaggi” with a text by Milena Milani at the “Venezia Viva” Gallery of the International Centre of Graphics, Venice, where she presented three art books entitled: “Azzurro e giallo”, “Luce, colore e spazio” and “Venezia incisa”.

In 1999 she illustrated the book of poems “Quadri di parole” by Chiara Berti in an edition by the International Centre for Graphics, from the series Sedici per Sedici directed by Milena Milani.